You can display images (JPEG, PNG, Animated GIF), video and HTML5 creatives.

  • Newer Formats
  • 970x250
  • Standard
  • 300x250
  • Mobile
  • 320x100

Video Creatives

Video Creatives are easily supported and stored safely on SPAcash redundant cloud-storage. This means your creative will be served from the closest location to the visitor.

Upload your creative in the following resolutions.

  • MOV, MPG, MP4, AVI.
  • Maximum size: 100 mb.
  • Length: 15-20 seconds.
  • Recommended Video Frame Rate: 24-30 FPS.
  • Recommended Video Aspect: 16:09.

SPAcash will optimise your video also for 3G networks to ensure an effective delivery on mobile.

Video Creatives uses SPAcash Video Player which works both in Flash and HTML5 using a minimal interface. If you require further customisation you can always use your own player.

Please consider read our rules for creatives.

HTML5 Creatives

Deploy advanced HTML5 creatives that can interact with the visitor, display video, query data for external sites, use WebGL, CSS and more.

How to deploy

You can paste the code of your creative directly in SPAcash. It support HTML, Javascript, CSS, WebGL.

If your ad is calling to assets they can be stored on SPAcash’s cloud-redundant services. Please mail us to [email protected] with your assets and we will give you their URLs.

Destination URL

In order to track clicks, replace all destination links from your code with {url}.

By adding this instead, SPAcash will replace automatically this tag with the URL of your campaign.

Please consider read our rules for creatives.

Rules for creatives

To ensure quality creatives across the network we created a set of basic rules. Please consider reading this before adding your creatives.

Images Rules
  • Maximum size 100 kb.
Video Rules
  • No sound enabled by default.
  • If using your own player offer a way to disable sound.
HTML5 Creatives Rules
  • No sound enabled by default.
  • Can't take more space that the current placement space.
  • Hover actions can't affect user interaction on the site.
  • Any sort of mobile redirect or session hi-jacking are not allowed